About Us

Bamboo Mist Tea LLC Tea Leaves

Welcome to Bamboo Mist Tea LLC.  Some of the best teas in China come from high in the misty mountains and the ancient tea trees often coexist with the mighty bamboo.  Thus, the origin of our company name, Bamboo Mist Tea LLC!   Our company logo is written in ancient Chinese characters and is pronounced rui cao kui, which means auspicious, plant, and exceptional. It is our good fortune to bring you these exceptional teas.

We are a group of American and Chinese tea enthusiasts, who are passionate about bringing premium artisan teas to tea drinkers across the globe. We are based in China and the United States and have extensive experience across all of Asia Pacific. Our US headquarters are in Seattle, WA, where we are taking the battle for tea straight to the home of the coffee giant!

It struck us that many of these premium artisan teas never left China. The quantities produced are small and the Chinese kept the best for themselves. Our goal was to remedy that situation.   We traveled across China to remote mountains and sought counsel from local tea masters to find you teas we enjoy drinking ourselves. We only selected premium artisan teas that met our standards for taste, smell, and organic farming methods.

At Bamboo Mist Tea LLC, we are only focused on tea and tea accessories.  It is sometimes shocking to us to see the low quality tea products and diversity of retailers selling tea.  You can rest assured we are only focused on tea and will never be opportunistically trying to sell anything else (like tires) other than tea.

Our intent is to create a community of like minded tea enthusiasts.  We would love to hear from you and gain your perspectives on our products.  Our motivation was not about striking it rich. It was about providing quality teas and education to the global consumer. Tea is a beverage, but drinking tea is an experience, an experience enhanced by the quality of the tea. If we provide you with a high quality tea and tea experience, then our business is already a success. Enjoy!